Our mission at Beverly Hills Aerials is to push the boundaries of aerial cinematography through innovation, efficiency, and our unique talent.

For years, we have been revolutionizing the way drones have been utilized for the entertainment and live sports industries allowing our clients to tell their stories in exciting, awe-inspiring new ways. As one of the main pioneers of "Cinematic FPV," an emerging new tool unlocking new creative freedom in the drone industry, our team has developed proprietary aircraft that've become the “FOX Drone Cam” for NASCAR on FOX, the “NBC Drone” for the NHL, and have been capturing never-before-seen shots for Commercials, Feature Films and Television all over the world.


FAA 333 Exempt + Part 107 Licensed
5 Million in Drone Liability Insurance
Nighttime Waiver Approved

55lb aircraft waiver approved for HeavyLifting operations

Fastest FAA Airspace Approvals and Location Permit Acquisition in LA
107.39 Operation over human beings and automobiles on closed set approved
99mph+ custom racing drones capable of carrying industry-standard cinema cameras