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NFL Playoffs 2022: CBS Sports Rolls Out New Sony F5500 Camera & Live Drone for AFC Championship.

NFL Today show iw onsite in KC; RomoVision makes big strides.

Coming off one of the greatest games in NFL Playoffs history, CBS Sports is primed to deliver its biggest production of the year at the AFC Championship on Sunday. With more than 80 cameras covering the game and its NFL Today studio show onsite at Arrowhead Stadium, CBS is looking to go out on a high note in Kansas City.

“Overall, it has been a really amazing season for us,” says Steve Karasik, VP, remote productions, CBS Sports. “We’re looking forward to another exciting and innovative production on Sunday. I think we showed last week — not just in that unforgettable Kansas City-Buffalo game but also in the Tennessee-Cincinnati game — just how great our production can be. We’re going to carry that momentum into this weekend, and we’ll have every possible angle covered.”

80+ Cameras: Sony HDC-F5500, TrolleyCam, Live Drone, and More

CBS will be well-covered in the air with TrolleyCam and Skycam cabled aerial systems, as well as a live drone and on the ground with 16 super-slo-mo cameras and two shallow–depth-of-field wireless RF cameras on the sidelines.

The TrolleyCam point-to-point cabled camera system is back, having drawn rave reviews on CBS’s Playoffs coverage last year and this year (check out the aerial replay shot it captured of a Bills-Chiefs TD at 00:27 in this clip). Provided by Flycam, the camera zips along a wire from one end of the stadium to the other at up to 65 mph to capture “front- row” angles for viewers.

“It gives us a lot of really exciting and different types of shots that you haven’t seen much in football,” says Karasik. “We got a lot out of it last year in the playoffs and so far this year as well. The TrolleyCam really shines on long runs and big plays, so, with the explosive offenses of both the Bengals and the Chiefs with guys like Tyreke Hill, Jamar Chase, and Travis Kelsey, there’s going to be a real opportunity to get some exciting replays out of that TrolleyCam.”

After deploying a live drone first during a game in Green Bay earlier this year, CBS will bring back the Beverly Hills Aerials -provided camera for the AFC Championship.

“The drone will give a lot of real impressive sense-of-place shots for director Mike Arnold to weave into the broadcast,” says Karasik. “We used [Beverly Hills Aerials drones] a lot on our SRX auto-racing coverage, and they were tremendous. We’re excited to see what the drone can give us on Sunday.”


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